Our first-ever innovation pilot experience to bridge the leadership gap for women with proven results.

The post pandemic world of work has widened the gap for working women. According to The World Economic Forum, gender parity will now take 132 years!

The stakes have never been higher in the war for talent and for companies who want to achieve gender equity. The pre-pandemic status quo is outdated. It’s time for fresh, bold and out-of-the-box innovation to close the gap.

As a people leader within your organization, you are challenged to address the persistent retention, development and advancement gap for women within your organization. In an uncertain economy, leadership is looking for efficient ways to retain top talent, and scale what works rapidly to reach more and sustain your pipeline.

Possibly, you are investing in your own internal programs or working with a legacy external partner. Yet, in this post pandemic era, the gap within your organization continues to widen. Top of mind may be:

Discussing the leadership gap and how you will meet your gender equity goals
Recognizing that you need to revisit your strategy to align programs with outcomes
Evaluating your existing programs and partnerships to assess what is or is not working
Looking to streamline your many offerings across the enterprise for sustainable impact

No matter where you are, we know change is hard and getting others to align can be even harder. The economic environment, attrition, program status quo and looking for scalable impact all weigh heavily on your decisions on when and where to invest.

The She-Suite Brand Leadership Institute ® (BLI) is the only proven personal brand leadership readiness platform built to sustain all women in the workplace to advance beyond the leadership and well-being gap with purpose.

Introducing BLI LiteTM
We are excited to offer BLI Lite™ - An innovation pilot experience for women leaders with proven results to empower you to:
Invest in talent who may be overlooked as candidates for existing programs
Receive real time feedback from participants with powerful tools to navigate purpose and the intersection of work and well-being to fuel productivity
Assess and compare the BLI unique offering against alternative existing internal or vendor programs at a fraction of the time and the cost
Plan for a larger engagement with confidence in 2024 due to your low risk investment in innovation through BLI Lite
“If you change nothing, nothing changes.”
Joyce Brothers
8 weeks
6 - 14
September 11, 2023
Leading Globally Supplement
Course 1: Purpose
Course 2: Passion
Course 3: Performance
Course 4: Problem 
Course 5: Pivot 
Course 6: Presence 
Course 7: Pitch 
Course 8: Package 
Course 9: Promotion 
Course 10: Partnership 
Course 11: Profit 
Course 12: Protection 
BLI Manager MVP Primer
BLI Manager Toolkit 
Manager Orientation 
Inclusive leader on-demand 
Coaching videos 
Live Manager Masterclass 
Member Monthly Live Masterclass
Company Cohort Meet-up
Coffee Chat Connections 
Cohort Leader Training & Toolkit 
She-Suite Circles (Cross Company) 
Participant Pre and Post Survey
Participation Reporting
Manager Pre and Post Survey 
Client Survey 
Impact Challenges 
Company Impact Report 
Lifebook Condensed
Lifebook Extended 
Heightened clarity of career path
Proof: Each participant will build a career path statement to re-engage and shape career acceleration
Documented M.V.P.+V (Mission, Vision, Purpose + Values)
Proof: According to a PwC research study, millennials who have a strong connection to the purpose of their organization are 5.3 times more likely to stay at an organization.
Data-driven insight from Perception Reflection Survey results
Proof: Develop insightful plan against goals and gaps from feedback
Learn time agility by defining priorities and how to manage the intersection of work and well-being
Proof: Design Your Perfect Day to take back your time
Draft Your Value Proposition
Proof: Synthesize feedback and design your 90-Day Way to accomplish key professional and personal goals
The ROI: Purpose outperforms
Your Investment = Transformed women leaders with a playbook to sustain work and well-being
The cost to lose a mid-level employee is 150% of her salary. This investment in our pilot experience is a great opportunity to address your leadership gap and give you time to hear from your participants to assess scaling with us for 2024
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